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Don’t just take our word for it. It’s what candidate’s have experienced that counts. Please see what others have said about our training. These are kept on file and permission has been given for their use.

Excellent presentation. Very comprehensive. Good explanations. Relaxed atmosphere. Very knowledgable. Enjoyed it.

Martin Amsel, Dentist

This is the best first aid / CPR course I have attended throughout my career. The trainer’s first hand experience as a paramedic brings the teaching to life, as does his enthusiasm and humour. This is the first time I have left a course believing that I will actually remember what I’ve been taught. The trainer engages the delegates and has their complete attention.

Caroline Litman, Pilates Instructor (Medical Practitioner-not currently practising)

An enjoyable and instructive session. Useful to have a resuscitation scenario at the conclusion of the session

Dr. Nicholson-Lailey – GP Partner

An extremely professional presentation, cleverly delivered to the needs of our team and packed with helpful information along the way.

D. Neupert – Dentist

Training was thorough. Staff enjoyed the way the practical elements were covered. The reinforcement of theory into practice several times, gave everyone confidence.

Sandra Connell – Head Teacher

Just thought I’d say thank you for all you did during the training yesterday. I found it really useful at so many levels. The fact that you had been a paramedic made what you taught really relevant as you were talking from experience as well as best practice. The course has given me the skills to be able to deal with situations I may be called to with confidence and a knowledge of where my limited skills end! I hope that with what you taught me I will be able to make a real difference in emergency situations both at work and in the community.

S. Haigh – Emergency First Aid course candidate.

The practical sessions were presented in a non threatening way, very positive feedback was given to each individual to perfect their techniques and all felt confident in their ability to undertake the key skills required; a really inclusive approach.

D. Gilkes – University Lecturer

Excellent – Pitched at just the right level. Very informative and we all learned a lot. Not at all intimidating. Many thanks.

J. Houghton –  Practice Manager

Useful, ‘real-life’ training that involved all of us in a non-threatening way. Approachable teacher who dealt with queries about procedures very well. It was most useful to practice with our own equipment and remedy faults in our own techniques and to discuss with the teacher how to improve our aged items of first aid equipment.

Name withheld – GP

I would recommend anyone to come on the course. The trainer was relaxed and really explained everything to you in an easy to understand manner.

V. Madden – First Aid at Work initial course candidate.

The consensus from the entire team is that this is the best CPR training course that we have ever done. Everyone loved the fact that it wasn’t dumbed down, it was relevant to our dental practice setting and that the trainer explained everything very clearly. Many thanks for making this annual event interesting and educational.

Lana Gilchrist –  Principal Dentist

“The course was informative, kept simple and straightforward – so easy to remember. It was presented in an interesting and entertaining way. The day was fun with a good balance of practical and theory.

J. Tock – Emergency First Aid for Schools course candidate.

The morning was very informative and valuable. In particular the role plays were a key part in the success and has enabled the team to feel confident in areas of emergency and first aid.

Jenny Yull – Dental Practice Manager

I would thoroughly recommend this course to any parent or carer who wants to be prepared for any first aid emergency. All course participants found the trainer’s professional but relaxed manner a real aid to learning. The practical exercises were invaluable for putting theory into practice and the relaxed environment meant that everyone felt able to ask questions throughout

Mrs. F. Shaw – Parent

The afternoon was a great success with the trainer holding everyone’s attention for the entire three hours. The provision of six resuscitation manikins made the practical side of the training so much easier than sharing one manikin at our previous session with other companies. All of our staff felt that they had learnt a great deal of useful information by the end of the training and I would thoroughly recommend Prime First Aid, they certainly were the best we have come across in 20 years of this type of training

L. Appleton – Dental Surgeon

This was an engaging snappy session nicely tailored in tempo and content to our requirements, both in terms of our pre-existing knowledge and experience and in terms of how much time we had available. Other people tend to run their sessions at a slow boring tempo!

Dr. C. M. Kenyon – GP

Training was very well presented and very informative. We liked the trainer’s relaxed, friendly style which helped put everyone at ease

Michelle Hutton – Practice Manager

I must say I approached this course with a fair amount of trepidation having attended first aid courses which I did not find very enjoyable i.e. atmosphere in which to absorb knowledge. I found the course totally absorbing and instructive – the main aims I am sure! The trainer has a gift for making a serious subject fun

Name withheld – Pilates Teacher

Prime First Aid is our choice for training: relevant, practical and with lots of sound advice on the needs of individual children. Good fun too!

Liz Tansley – Head Teacher

Really good and informative afternoon.

Dr. P. Cruci – Dentist

The course was run well. I was impressed by the trainer’s presentation who knew the subject so well. I left feeling very confident.

G. Barrow – Emergency First Aid for Schools course candidate

A most successful evening. The trainer was prompt, informative and came well prepared for our on-site course. The explanations were clear and the practical organisation enabled everyone to have plenty of hands on experience. We shall definitely request the help of Prime First Aid again and are more than happy to recommend them.

Name withheld – Dental Practice Manager

The training covered discussing and demonstrating, specific to practice and close proximity scenarios. Each team member found this of use. We may well find it of use in the future! Thank you.

A. Bourton – Practice Manager

I think it was pitched just right, questions were not seen as trivial and all answered fully. A relaxed, pleasurable learning environment was maintained throughout.

G. Davidson – First Aid at Work initial course candidate.

Feedback received from staff has been very positive. The course was enjoyable and informative, in a user-friendly straightforward way. The trainer was very knowledgable, friendly and flexible. This course covered areas which had not been included in previous CPR courses, such as choking, and CPR with a mask, so this was very helpful. It was a good idea to save time by having a number of resuscitation manikins available at the same time. It also made doing the CPR less intimidating as it was done in pairs rather than being watched by the whole group. We would be very happy to use Prime First aid again for this and other first aid courses. Many thanks.

Name withheld – GP Practice Manager

 Everybody at the practice enjoyed the session hugely and found it very informative. The instructor was extremely enthusiastic and I would fully recommend them to anyone for training.

J. Moore – Dentist


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