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Changes to HSE guidance and the monitoring of First Aid training providers

All employers have a legal duty to provide adequate first aid provision in the workplace. The third edition of the ‘First Aid at Work – Health and Safety (First Aid ) regulations 1981’ Guidance on Regulation, is available as a free download from the HSE website –

For guidance on carrying out a first aid needs assessment and/or to see some examples, please follow the links:

This third edition takes account of the amendment to regulation 3, which removes the requirement for HSE to approve the training and qualifications of appointed first-aid personnel, and to incorporate some additional amendments brought about by other previous legislative changes.

These changes were made following a recommendation from ‘Reclaiming Health and Safety for All: An independent review of health and safety legislation’, by Professor Ragnar E Löfstedt, which was published in November 2011.

Up until 1st October 2013, Prime First Aid Ltd has been approved by the HSE to provide First Aid at Work training. From this date, the HSE will no longer have responsibility for the monitoring of First Aid training providers, and it is now down to the employer to ensure that the training provider they use meets the DUE DILIGENCE checks as required by the HSE.

Prime First Aid Ltd is now a registered member of the FIRST AID INDUSTRY BODY ( FAIB ) which monitors training providers to an even higher standard than the HSE system.

See Information For Employers from the FAIB (pdf).

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